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Columnist, educator, and consultant, Richard Griffin has wide experience as a writer and speaker. His articles have appeared in many publications - - New York Times, America, Commonweal - - to cite only a few. He has given talks on retirement and other aging issues in Vancouver, Des Moines, San Francisco, Florida, Oregon, as well as many places in Massachusetts.

As a member of the Jesuit order and a Roman Catholic priest for many years, Richard Griffin served as Catholic chaplain at Harvard University from 1968 to 1975, a period of unprecedented ferment in both church and university.


Unmistaken Identity PDF Print E-mail
Written by Richard Griffin   
Monday, May 04 2009 16:35

On the elevator at Symphony Hall:

 Jack: "I thought that was you."

 Me: "I thought that was you."

Fellow passenger: "You were both right."

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